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A California Distinguished School
Where Learning is the Key to Success

Mr. Chris Lipsey, Principal
Mr. Efren Ponce, Assistant Principal
21364 Madrona Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503

Office:  310-533-4562310-533-4562
310-533-4562 Fax:     310-972-6402


Office Hours August 18 - August 22: 9 am to Noon and 1 pm to 3pm.
We will be CLOSED on Monday August 25 for training. 
All questions please email:

ALL new student enrollments,
including permit students will be processed at 
TUSD's Family Welcome Enrollment Center, 2336 Plaza del Amo,
directly across from the main District Office.

Click Tab Above for Instructions


If your address is incorrect or you have moved, you did NOT receive your final report card NOR the registration packet.
Write if neither item was received by August 18.  

In order for you to receive any U.S. mail OR to pre-register, proof of residence must be provided with copies of two utility bills during the week of August 18 - August 21.


Hello Madrona Families!

This is a reminder to ALL Madrona families, returning and new
(including any student that may have enrolled through the new 
FamilyWelcome EnrollmentCenter).   Our early registration day is just around the corners on Tuesday, August 26. 

A parent/guarding MUST complete the ON-LINE pre-registration step this week (by August 22. (Previously August 25)  It is IMPORTANT to complete this step immediately.  Our offices WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY AUGUST 25 so our office staff may attend a mandatory training off site. 

Out of our 700+ students, there are still 300 families that have not yet completed the on-line emergency contract pre-registration.   Keep in mind, your child will not be able to receive any schedule, locker, or books, without this important step.   If you did this on-line reg in June or July, you MUST do it again, or our system will not have processed it.


If you do not have one, or are having trouble with the ParentConnect systememail, so we may send you’re your PIN and Password. 

Remember to bring the PINK Madrona early registration-check in list with you along with any paperwork that you were given to the early registration day on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 anytime between 9am – noon or 3pm – 5pm. 


As you enter the FRONT of the school on August 26, look for your check in table by grade level.  After checking in WITH YOUR PINK checklist, you will be directed to the proper stations to turn in paperwork.  Once you receive your schedule and locker and have visited the PTSA room 11, THEN you may proceed to the library for books before finally testing out the locker area.



Holidays and Student Free Days, Report Cards/Progress Reports

Click CALENDAR to be directed to all events

September 4              First Day of School
September 23            Early Start/Early Out/PTSA Assoc & Back to School Night
October 13                  NO School – Student Free Day
October 3                    End of Progress Reporting Period
October 14                  Progress Reports issued to students
October 31                 Q1 Ends – All Assignments Due
November 10-11       NO School – Veterans Day
November 12             Q1 Report Cards issued to students
November 26-28       NO School – Thanksgiving Holidays
December 5               End of Progress Reporting Period
December 16             Progress Reports issued to students
December 22-Jan 2   NO School – Winter Holidays
January 5                    School Resumes
January 19                 NO School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 23                 Q2/Semester 1 Ends – All Assignments Due
February 3                 Q2 Report Cards issued to students
February 9                 Student Free Day – NO School
February 16               NO School – President’s Day
February 27               End of Progress Reporting Period
March 10                    Progress Reports issued to students
March 27                    Q3 Ends – All Assignments Due
April 3                         NO School – Student Free Day
April 6-10                   NO School – Spring Break Holidays
April 13                       School Resumes
April 14                       Q3 Report Cards issued to students
May 8                          End of Progress Reporting Period
May 12                        Early Start/Early Out – Open House
May 19                        Progress Reports issued to students
May 25                        NO School – Memorial Day
June 12                      All Assignments Due
June 18                      Q4 Ends (Report Cards Mailed by District in July)
June 18                      Last Day of School – early dismissal; 8th Grade Promotion 6pm



Attendance Procedures:

Illness Policy: Any student with a fever of 101 or higher in the past 24 hours, must remain 24 hours at home.  Before students can return to school, they must be without a fever and fever reducing medication (i.e. Tylenol) for a full 24 hours.

Policy for Requesting Homework
:  If a student is absent for three or more days, call the office.
If your student is absent for less than three days, PARENTS are to email the teachers before 9am.  If time permits, they may be able to send homework to the "homework box" in the office.  Call the office after 3pm to inquire if homework has been sent.

TUESDAYS - LATE START - Students are to arrive to campus after 9:00 am.  The tardy bell is at 9:23.  Only those students whose parents signed them up for Study Hall may come to the cafeteria by 8:05am. 

Emergency Preparedness:  If a real emergency or disaster occurs, we rely on parents to support us. Schools are one of the safest places for a child. In a real emergency, we will only release students to individuals who are included on the Emergency Contacts listed through your ParentConnect profile.  f we have an emergency during school time, students will be released from the gate at Opal Street once the situation is stabilized. Please be familiar with the process. Thank you everyone for your continuing support.




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