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Where Learning is the Key to Success

Mr. Chris Lipsey, Principal
Mr. Efren Ponce, Assistant Principal
21364 Madrona Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503

Office:  310-533-4562310-533-4562
310-533-4562 Fax:     310-972-6402


ALL new student enrollments,
including permit students will be processed at 
TUSD's Family Welcome Enrollment Center, 2336 Plaza del Amo,
directly across from the main District Office.

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Principal’s Message

Madrona would like to take this opportunity to welcome some new faces to our campus.

Mr. Efren Ponce 
is our new Assistant Principal and comes to us from Hawthorne’s Bud Carson Middle School where he served in several Special Projects positions including intervention, technology and parent outreach for the past five years. Mrs. Jones has moved on to help out at Jefferson Middle School and while we will miss her presence on the campus, we are excited to have Mr. Ponce on our campus.

Also Ms. Tsue has gone on to a new position with Culver City and we want to welcome in Jennifer Radie who comes to us as a new psychologist but also as a familiar face having worked at Fern Elementary as their school counselor. 

And finally, Mr. Evan Snow joins us fresh from Ohio where he worked with Title 1 students and in a Technology Academy. Mr. Snow will be working to develop a fun Fine Arts course as well as English / Language Arts. 

Mr. Rothman will be moving in to SC3 to replace Ms. Stillittano who took a position at district office as a BTSA support teacher, so we are looking to hire a new 6th grade teacher or two if our class numbers continue to rise. 


Chris Lipsey, Principal



First day of school are regular school hours: 8:05 - 2:57. Students are not permitted on campus until 7:45. 

Parents and students should review both the red Handbook & Directory and Student Planners for the daily bell schedules and other important information such as school rules and policies.

IMPORTANT REQUEST regarding the on-line emergency contacts. We have noticed that many families did not include Emergency Contact Information in should your child be ill or if there is any emergency we MUST have some additional contact names and phone numbers besides the parent to call. Please review AGAIN, especially if the on-line area lists NO EMERGENCY CONTACTS. This is for the safety of all students. 

Go to then click on Pre-Registration at the top right and make sure to double 

check the Student Information in the 2nd section. This is where you will enter all information previously collected 

on the Green Emergency Card. 

 1. Review and enter your student’s information. 

 2. Enter your student’s email address as their STUDENT ID 

 3. Enter Emergency and Release contacts in the order you would like them to be contacted.

 4. Telephone numbers of parents & contacts need to be DAYTIME numbers 8am-3pm. 

 5. Then scroll down and enter ALL Student Emergency and Disaster Information. 

 6. When finished, click “Submit” button to save your changes. 

Please be advised we do not deliver forgotten lunches/homework, etc. Parents may come and place the item on our "pick up" table located in front of the office. It is the student's responsibility to check that table if they have  forgotten anything. We do not allow parents/office staff to drop off at the classrooms and interrupt the instructional day. 

If a student is absent or not sure what the homework is, you can access homework on the Madrona Middle School Website.

If your student is going to be absent, you must either call 310-533-4562310-533-4562 X8791 and send a note with your student when they return. 

Madrona Middle School’s major fundraiser for the year, run by our Leadership Class, is the Magazine/Cookie Dough Fundraiser.  Please help support this program which funds many activities throughout the school year. CORRECTION TO THE EBLAST:  The fundraiser kick's off October 16 and orders are due on October 30th! 



Holidays and Student Free Days, Report Cards/Progress Reports

Click CALENDAR to be directed to all events

September 4              First Day of School
September 23            Early Start/Early Out/PTSA Assoc & Back to School Night
October 13                  NO School – Student Free Day
October 3                    End of Progress Reporting Period
October 14                  Progress Reports issued to students
October 16                  Cookie Dough/Magazine Drive Fundraiser kick-off
October 30                  Fundraiser Orders Due
October 31                 Q1 Ends – All Assignments Due
November 10-11       NO School – Veterans Day
November 12             Q1 Report Cards issued to students
November 26-28       NO School – Thanksgiving Holidays
December 5               End of Progress Reporting Period
December 16             Progress Reports issued to students
December 22-Jan 2   NO School – Winter Holidays
January 5                    School Resumes
January 19                 NO School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 23                 Q2/Semester 1 Ends – All Assignments Due
February 3                 Q2 Report Cards issued to students
February 9                 Student Free Day – NO School
February 16               NO School – President’s Day
February 27               End of Progress Reporting Period
March 10                    Progress Reports issued to students
March 27                    Q3 Ends – All Assignments Due
April 3                         NO School – Student Free Day
April 6-10                   NO School – Spring Break Holidays
April 13                       School Resumes
April 14                       Q3 Report Cards issued to students
May 8                          End of Progress Reporting Period
May 12                        Early Start/Early Out – Open House
May 19                        Progress Reports issued to students
May 25                        NO School – Memorial Day
June 12                      All Assignments Due
June 18                      Q4 Ends (Report Cards Mailed by District in July)
June 18                      Last Day of School – early dismissal; 8th Grade Promotion 6pm



Attendance Procedures:

Illness Policy: Any student with a fever of 101 or higher in the past 24 hours, must remain 24 hours at home.  Before students can return to school, they must be without a fever and fever reducing medication (i.e. Tylenol) for a full 24 hours.

Policy for Requesting Homework
:  If a student is absent for three or more days, call the office.
If your student is absent for less than three days, PARENTS are to email the teachers before 9am.  If time permits, they may be able to send homework to the "homework box" in the office.  Call the office after 3pm to inquire if homework has been sent.

TUESDAYS - LATE START - Students are to arrive to campus after 9:00 am.  The tardy bell is at 9:23.  Only those students whose parents signed them up for Study Hall may come to the cafeteria by 8:05am. 

Emergency Preparedness:  If a real emergency or disaster occurs, we rely on parents to support us. Schools are one of the safest places for a child. In a real emergency, we will only release students to individuals who are included on the Emergency Contacts listed through your ParentConnect profile.  f we have an emergency during school time, students will be released from the gate at Opal Street once the situation is stabilized. Please be familiar with the process. Thank you everyone for your continuing support.




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